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How Rough is Too Rough?

she lay herself back on the bed
like she wanted to be facefucked.
i straddled her
hit me, she said
i slapped her across the face
hit me, she said again
i slapped her again
with your fists, she said

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I left my nails home
to go get my boyfriend
done at the nail shop

they said murder was 
part of their menu
along with acupuncture, 
cuticle health, and foot massage

yesterday, the bedroom
door was closed

it creaked when i opened it

she, not my boyfriend, looked up at me
he was too fixated on smacking her fat ass

she shrieked weakly
rolled over
covered up
stared blankly
toward me

stupid bitch
dumb masseuse

he had been good to me
for so long
i half-accepted the I'm sorry
i wanted to accept it
you know
believe in make-believe
and shit
like he says he needs me
then pushes me to my knees
and i know

you know me
that's right
i started slurping
and moaning
and mock-gagging
feeling it good
tip to tonsils -- he was 
think he got surprised
why is this whore doing this
like it was the first time
that rush!

when i looked up to see his face
to let him spit on me
i saw that stupid thai masseuse
her dumb blank look
i gagged, nearly vomited

i never gag
i can deepthroat
any size

they put me and him in separate rooms,
the nail girls. i got naked and waited
i lay face down, my head in that hole
the floor was small tiles of black and white

one of the girls spoke
asked if he had a girlfriend
he said yes

i nearly fell asleep
during my massage until
his enormous cock stretched 
me wide open from the back

then i heard the girl
she told him he could come visit
me now
while i got massaged

my boyfriend didn't even flinch
when he came in
he just dropped his pants, 
joined us, he stuffed it
in my mouth

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