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I waited

head in the toilet
just like he said to
head in his text message
i felt it pry me open
head in the dildo
pry then stretch
then head in relaxation
total as lip balm 
on chapped lips
the head was
in my mouth
suctioned to the wall.

i was on my back
he started piledriving
spraying his seed
on my tits and face
and floor
my head was in the clouds

fucked her ass

i had her wait for me
head in the toilet
then came in
dildo'd her ass
fucked her ass
pounded her throat
fucked her ass
moved her to the couch
flipped her ass up
fucked her ass
sprayed her tits
and face
and floor

Put me on a Pedestal

I want to be on display on a pedestal
cold and naked with strangers coming up
staring,then jerking themselves as they see the curve
of my ass, how it comes down making a tent around
my most unspoken and undeniable genius 

The Greatest Girlfriend I must be

I love men, you know,
having three or four around me.
My boyfriend was surprised
to find me at the party
naked, with his friend in my 
He got behind me
and they 
told me I was the best.

Taking the Money Shot

God bless these men
with large cocks to beat
me in the face with

God bless them for
getting so excited when
I'll take the money shot
right in the kisser;

I'll drop to my knees
stare up at them
and repeat the mantra:
"cum in my mouth!"

Strange, I've noticed they get
more excited when it misses
and hits my nose and chin

They go crazy when there's
cream that my tongue must
stretch out to get.
A mirror:

I drool it and watch it drip
he's all mine now
he thinks I'll do this again 
and again. 

Then the money's all mine
while my skin is clear.

Taking it Ass to Mouth


I was on the bed
on my hands and knees
ass up.
Pleasure eclipsed pain for 
the first time.
I looked back 
to give him a sweet look;

people wandered around outside
the motel. 
I stared at him
waiting for him to say how pretty I was
or thanks for letting him:

he had me spread open
blasting my asshole
I pushed back even though it hurt
and stared at him, waiting

I was giving him my ass
he would love me, I thought

He laughed:
"God you're a whore. 
The rumors are right on.
Look at you!"

I was so stunned I didn't even turn away
when his cock came into my mouth

A Day at the Gym

for John Lennon
This guy steps to me to hit me 
give me a smack, lah
right up to me
show me how tall he was

saying he was my brother
I should respect him
cause he's older 
I'm working out, nah, you know

sexy, ah
in my short shorts 
my bust pitching my tank top
full from the

chest flyes
I do, 
more weight than a lot of men
you know, can do

at over 6 feet tall.
my trainer 
my nutritionist 
proud of my accomplishments 

they step outside to 
a sweaty pig of a guy
older guy

stares at me
he's trembling
says this is a man's place
says I should be careful

I cower down a bit
like an obedient Asian 
should, then explode up
with my best 

uppercut to the nose.
now all the old men
a chorus
are insulting me

Grab your Butts

I am the modern
Malay woman

I am the modern

going against
the grain
the razor cut
that shaves the face
the mind 
the set

that all these old fuckers
seem to have

drinking beer outside
yelling at young women
for smoking on the sidewalk

girls, grab your butts
and show 'em what's up.

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