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Taking the Money Shot

God bless these men
with large cocks to beat
me in the face with

God bless them for
getting so excited when
I'll take the money shot
right in the kisser;

I'll drop to my knees
stare up at them
and repeat the mantra:
"cum in my mouth!"

Strange, I've noticed they get
more excited when it misses
and hits my nose and chin

They go crazy when there's
cream that my tongue must
stretch out to get.
A mirror:

I drool it and watch it drip
he's all mine now
he thinks I'll do this again 
and again. 

Then the money's all mine
while my skin is clear.


bitchbabe said...

Oh yah its every dude's fantasy that a sex whore gulps every drop of jizz that is oozing from the guy's dick. Nothing is short of divine when the jizz goes straight towards the whore's mouth. And the creaminess is all over the opening as the tonque licks it and twirls over those hot creamy jizz. See a sex bitch plays a whitish jizz makes a dude cum again.

Moctezuma Johnson | King of Erotica said...

Emme and bitch babe eat all my cum, sucking my cock, and eating every last creamy drop of my divine splooge.

Jerk it, milk it, eat it, worship it. Cum. Cum. Cum.

Anonymous said...

Swallow my love juice to the last drop and I will still give you more.Taste it and you can't get over it!Suck it,wank it,jerk it!I will fuck you in any way you want!

bonzai_dizon said...

Swallow all my fountain of youth juice and you will love it. Don't stop till the last drop. Don't waste my paste.

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