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Pool Pussycat | Trophy Wife | Wrong Guy Gets to Enjoy the Girl

Enjoyed reading Pool Pussycat by Red Pesca. I really have to get around to reviewing it on Amazon one day but my reviews often get deleted for some reason. Anybody else have that problem?

I like books where the wrong guy gets the girl. Hot! I have a feeling Red is going to have a lot of new titles. I know I am. He features Asian Woman White Male, like I do. Hot!

I Am Not a Whore, Am I? Should be coming out in 2015. Fingers crossed!

Emme on Amazon

Emme's first book, That Beefhead, on Amazon is selling reasonably well (#255 in Asian-American). Her first book on the Zon was really a toe dipped into the water for her. Soon the Confessions of a Wh0re Series will be coming out. That's where the money is!

Stay tuned!

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