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New Poem

I'm a bunny is now out at Yellow Mama. Check it out.

Also, those of you who like my work should also check out Moctezuma Johnson. He is about to put out his first collection of poems and short stories.

New Poems in Print!

New work coming out in the Print Issue of Litery Chaos Magazine (#1). I'm really happy to be a part of it. You can buy your copy at the coatlism bookstore.

New Work

I will have a new poem appearing Aug 15th in Yellow Mama. It's called "I'm a bunny" and you're going to love it.

Best Posts

Some older posts that you may want to revisit.

About my last name, Hor.
A poem about Revenge (always a popular topic). Girls, when your man cheats try this technique out.
I do exist.
Taking it ATM.
My Publishing History

My Photo

Here is a photo of me. The link below is something else. You can compare for yourself. Moctezuma's always trying to humiliate me, but it's not working.

Photo Dispute with Moctezuma

Moctezuma says this photo is of me, but it isn't. He's trying to humiliate me with this photo but you can see my actual photo if you look above.

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