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Emme Hor

Emme Hor was on the beach but nobody saw her even though everybody stared. It's the way it is when you're a hot, hot, hot girl with curves on the beach. They all look but nobody sees anything. The girls, those jealous bitches, you know you all are, see things that make them sick--and I don't exist--the boys, the horny dogs, see tits and ass, see holes to stick their sticks in, see places to rub--and I don't exist.

But I do exist. Here I am, in the word, in the work, in the voice of sex and rage and love, respect and humiliation.

Scroll down and visit the works of Emme Hor--vibrant and vibrating along with the universe.


JOS said...

I like that new one over at Cerebral Catalyst, so I checked out your links here. Great, interesting, unique style.

bonzai_dizon said...

I will notice you even if you hide yourself ,you pretty hot thing.

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