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A Day at the Gym

for John Lennon
This guy steps to me to hit me 
give me a smack, lah
right up to me
show me how tall he was

saying he was my brother
I should respect him
cause he's older 
I'm working out, nah, you know

sexy, ah
in my short shorts 
my bust pitching my tank top
full from the

chest flyes
I do, 
more weight than a lot of men
you know, can do

at over 6 feet tall.
my trainer 
my nutritionist 
proud of my accomplishments 

they step outside to 
a sweaty pig of a guy
older guy

stares at me
he's trembling
says this is a man's place
says I should be careful

I cower down a bit
like an obedient Asian 
should, then explode up
with my best 

uppercut to the nose.
now all the old men
a chorus
are insulting me

1 comment:

bonzai_dizon said...

Show respect to get respect. If somebody mess with you while you trying to do your thing ,then just fucking knee his nuts or grab his balls and pinch it hard as fuck!

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