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Taking it Ass to Mouth


I was on the bed
on my hands and knees
ass up.
Pleasure eclipsed pain for 
the first time.
I looked back 
to give him a sweet look;

people wandered around outside
the motel. 
I stared at him
waiting for him to say how pretty I was
or thanks for letting him:

he had me spread open
blasting my asshole
I pushed back even though it hurt
and stared at him, waiting

I was giving him my ass
he would love me, I thought

He laughed:
"God you're a whore. 
The rumors are right on.
Look at you!"

I was so stunned I didn't even turn away
when his cock came into my mouth


bitchbabe said...

oh yes, i would spread my ass open to a guy with a fully hard and erect maleness. I make sure that my wet butthole would take all that big tool all in. I can take any cowboy's ride. The rider can cuzz me as I scream to high heavens how orgasmic it is to be fuck from the ass from big dick.

bonzai_dizon said...

Fuck yeah! It feels so good if you fuck the girl's ass and it's her first time. You will really fucking love it and can't forget about it.Virgin ass whore.Give me some of that flesh,whore.

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