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I waited

head in the toilet
just like he said to
head in his text message
i felt it pry me open
head in the dildo
pry then stretch
then head in relaxation
total as lip balm 
on chapped lips
the head was
in my mouth
suctioned to the wall.

i was on my back
he started piledriving
spraying his seed
on my tits and face
and floor
my head was in the clouds

fucked her ass

i had her wait for me
head in the toilet
then came in
dildo'd her ass
fucked her ass
pounded her throat
fucked her ass
moved her to the couch
flipped her ass up
fucked her ass
sprayed her tits
and face
and floor


bitchbabe said...

I am sure that she screams in deep ecstasy shen you dildoed her. She hoped though that it were your real sturdy massive cock dangling around her asscheecks. She is having the time of her life as you pump that fully erect tool in her ass. Did she give up entirely her ass for you? Coz if she didnt, hundreds of sex starved whores would do that.

Anonymous said...

I can't forget the first time i fucked my girlfriend's ass and used the big ass fucking dildo in her pussy! It made me go wild and don't want to stop while watching my big cock going in and out of her tight ass!

bonzai_dizon said...

I like to fuck her back door while playing with her tits.Fuck her tight ass pussy with glass dildo .She fucking like it!

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