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Hi Readers,

Please add your name to this list if you want to receive emails from me about my books. You will get One FREE Book as a way for me to say thanks for joining!

I will not bother you again if you're not interested. However, if/when you join my list you will get occasional emails when I have a new book. I will be giving away free copies of each new book to loyal fans and I will have some cool giveaways like free set of personalized poems (about you or someone of your choice), choose the cover contests, and put your ideas into my stories contests. Also, I'm always looking for people to make me a guest on their blogs, to help design book covers and adverts, to review books, to write blurbs, and to help spread the word. 

Thanks in advance. 

Emme Hor is notoriously considered a whore. Mail her at

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